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15th June

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that this is indeed our final few days of school of the unforgettable school year 2019/2020. This week we especially think of our wonderful sixth class who had their zoom graduation ceremony on Wednesday last. Little did anyone think that their graduation would be online as we began school last September. I would like to thank Ms Whitney for organising their very special zoom graduation. To Fionn, Ryan, Jayden, Noah, Joe, Cormac, Jay, Ali, Erin and Sophie,  we thank you all most sincerely for the lovely memories and wish you every good fortune as you move on to a new chapter in your lives. I also want to thank the parents of these fabulous children as you were most helpful and supportive of the school during your time here and your children are certainly a credit to you. Also, last Wednesday was significant as 9 of the 10 families in sixth class finished with the school. Slan agus beannacht libh! 

The framework for the re-opening and operating of schools was published on Friday 12th of June and can be read in its entirety on education.ie.

The overall objective is to open schools in accordance with the normal start of the school year. It is anticipated that Ringaskiddy Lower Harbour N.S. will open on Monday, August 31st. I will be in contact again over the next few weeks when schools get more specific information from D.E.S and H.S.E. as regards operating procedures.As this is the last official letter of the academic year,there are a number of people I would like to thank most sincerely as they all contribute to the smooth running if the school.

To Ms Kennedy, we bid you a fond farewell, we thank you for all your hard work over the last two years and wish you well going forward.

To all the children, we thank you for all your hard work this year, especially over the last 3 months, and hope you all have a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing  you all  on August 31st.

To all the parents, thank you for all your support during the year. I want to thank you especially for all your hard work while the schools were closed, you certainly excelled, take a bow.Any school is totally dependent on the good will, dedication and commitment of its staff. We are particularly fortunate in Ringaskiddy, as you all can appreciate, of being blessed with a wonderful team, thank you one and all.The school will  be open on Thursday 19th June, 9.30 to 3pm for any parent who wishes to return book rental books. If that times doesn’t suit please contact me and I will arrange an alternative time.Finally, may I wish you and your family an enjoyable summer and we will see you all on August 31st. Biodh Samhradh deas agaibh.

Le meas,
John Herlihy

Monday May 25th

Dear Parents,                         

We hope you are well and keeping safe. Thank you, again, for all your assistance with your child’s remote learning. If you are experiencing any difficulties, we are here to help in any way we can. As next week is the June Bank Holiday Weekend, remote work will be only be Tuesday to Friday.   All teachers are currently writing your child’s annual school report and you will receive the report, with next year’s book list, during the week beginning the 8th of June. Should you need to discuss any aspect of the report with your child’s current class teacher there will be an opportunity to do so before the summer holidays, which begin on the 19th of June. 

If we were in school this week the children would be busy preparing for the Cork Primary School Sports. Alas,  that is not to be, but I would encourage you all be active during this beautiful, fine spell. As we head to the month of June, our thoughts turn to the sixth class who are preparing to take leave of us shortly. It is indeed so sad that we will not be able to hold our annual school mass and give these 10 wonderful children the send off they deserve. We will be holding a zoom graduation during the week of the 8th of June where we say , “slan agus beannacht” to this brilliant class. They are currently completing work for their educational passport for their respective Post-Primary schools.In relation to the school year 2020/202, schools have no further information at present but rest assured I will be in contact immediately once I know more. 

Finally, a little good  news and a little sad news. On Friday night I received a call from Ms Ailbhe Kennedy informing me that she had been appointed to the staff of Beaumont Girls’ N.S. While I was delighted for Ailbhe, I was also a little sad, as you all are, to be saying goodbye to a fine, young teacher and a wonderful colleague, who made a wonderful contribution to our school over the past two years. We all wish Ailbhe all the best for the future and will invite her back to Ringaskiddy for a party when it is safe to do so.

Slan agus tugaigi aire daoibh fein,John Herlihy

Monday May 18th

Dear Parents,

Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Thanks again for all the hard work with your children as they learn remotely. Please keep it up but remember, as always, do what you can and don’t feel  under any pressure to complete it all. You may have other activities planned for your children and that indeed is absolutely fine with all staff.
If we were in school this week the whole place would indeed be buzzing  as we prepared for First Holy Communion, which was due to take place this Saturday. The children themselves would be so busy preparing under Ms Kennedy’s careful eye and Ms Whitney would also be  busy practising with the choir. The  rest of the staff and children would be assisting quietly behind the scenes. The  Parents’ Association would have  also been busy preparing  for the special day as well. However, this is not the case  due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, but on behalf of the entire school community, I wish to say that the children  and families of rang a do are certainly in our thoughts this week.

I spoke with Fr. Sean earlier and he wanted me to tell all the children that he is looking forward, as we all are, to celebrating that special day with everybody in the future when the world will be a much safer place. The month of May would also have been a busy time in school as all the classes would be preparing for the much awaited school tours. This year we had planned on returning to Dublin Zoo, a venue we had not visited for over 10 years. Unfortunately, this along with so many best laid plans will now not happen. As all the world is going virtual, may I suggest a visit to virtualschoolactivities.comI was  in Amsterdam earlier at the Van Gogh museum and really enjoyed it. I am sure your child will take you on a super fast world wide tour!Tabhair aire agus fanaigi sabhailte,

John Herlihy

Friday May 15th
Dear Parents,  

Hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Also, hope you are managing reasonably well  with your child’s remote learning and I take this opportunity to thank you for all your endeavours. As always, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you need any assistance. Also, please contact me if I can assist you with any school matter. 

Looking to September 2020, we really hope that the school will open with whatever social distancing measures that will have to be put in place. Obviously, all depends on medical advice recommend by H.S.E. I will be on contact with you all in early August, once the school has been informed. 

I have been contacted by a number of parents wondering  what with new social distancing measures to be put in place  for schools if we could retain our teacher, Ailbhe Kennedy, who is due to be redeployed in June. Having consulted with the Department of Education and Skills, I can reliably inform you that Ailbhe will be redeployed in June 2020. This is indeed regrettable as Ailbhe is a wonderful teacher and will be sorely missed by all.

Regarding September 2020, here are the class groupings and their respective teachers.

Junior/ Senior Infants – Noel Joy

First,  Second & Third Classes – John Herlihy

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Classes – Susan Whitney

Special Education- Grainne Kelly & Colm Breen

This information is correct as of today, but may be subject to change depending on factors outside our control.

 Finally, a little bit of good news, the school has been sanctioned for 1/2 an SNA post and this position will be filled once school resumes. 

Mind yourselves, stay safe and tell your child/children that we certainly miss them all.
Kind regards,

John Herlihy

Tuesday 05-05-2020

Dear Parents,Hope you are all well and have had a pleasant weekend.As you have probably heard from the Government’s announcement, schools will not be reopening for this academic school year but rest assured that we will continue to support your child’s learning as best we can, as we progress through the school term. There will be no standardised school tests undertaken this year but we will be issuing school reports as normal in  early June. We, as a staff, understand that this is  a particularly difficult time for you and indeed your children and are always available to help in any way we can. Please do make contact with your child’s teacher or indeed myself, if we can assist you in any way. Please log on to the national education psychological supports services resources and check out the very informative and helpful, neps advice and resources for keeping children and young people well during covid 19.We are currently preparing for the upcoming school year and I will be issuing information to you once it is available.As always stay safe and well and remember the old irish saying; ni bhionn in aon rud ach seal. This too will pass.Kind regards,John Herlihy

Friday’s Challenge!

I hope ye had lost of fun this week completing all the challenges! Todays challenge is a little different, I want you to decided which challenge the teacher does!! You get to choose between the challenge I have put up this week. Just send an email saying which challenge you would like to see me do to akennedyschoolwork@gmail.com and I will record a video of myself doing the challenge that has the highest number of votes.

For your own challenge today, try make up your own challenge for others, and yes, Tik Tok dances count. Using all the photos I have gotten from Active Home Week I will be making a video of what we all got up to this week. So please send on all your active photos to make the video the best that it can be!

Thursday’s Challenge!

Thursday’s Challenge is a ladder activity.

You start doing 10 of each exercise then work your way down to doing 1 of each exercise. This is a good workout because you can do it over again and try and complete it in less time.

The exercises for today’s activity are squats and jumping jacks.

Start with 10 of each then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and see how long it takes you.

Throw on your favourite music and enjoy!

Wednesday’s Challenge!

Fantastic work so far this week guys! Keep up the great work!

Today’s challenge is to create an obstacle course like the playground leaders have done in the yard throughout the year! You don’t even need any equipment, anything could be used as a cone.

I cant wait to see photos of what ye create!

Tuesday’s Challenge

I hope everyone had great fun yesterday doing the Happy Challenge. Today’s challenge is called the Cha Cha Slide Plank Challenge.

Have a look at the video below and have a try! Enjoy!


Dear Parents,Hope you and your family are all keeping well and safe during these challenging times.Thank you for all your hard work supporting your child’s learning since the schools have closed.  As this is Active School Week do take the opportunities to have some fun and get outside.Please do not put yourselves under any pressure regarding school work, as much of the last term is about revision and enjoying the great outdoors.Keep on touch with your child’s teacher and if there is anything they, or I, can do for you do not hesitate to make contact.Keep safe and wishing you all a pleasant, albeit different May Bank Hoilday weekend.
Kind regards,John Herlihy

Active Home Week

Welcome to Active Home Week!

I have some great exercises for you this week.
Mondays challenge is a fun one!
Put on the song Happy by Pharell Williams. There are three versions of this challenge; an easy,
medium and hard version.
Easy: Start dancing to the song, every time Pharell says the word “happy” do one squat.
Medium: Start jogging on the spot to the song, every time you hear the word “happy” do one
Hard: Start jogging on the spot to the song, every time you hear the word “happy” do one
Try to see how far you get through the song! This is a fun but challenging activity.

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