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April 20th

Good morning boys and girls, hope you are all keeping well and had a nice Easter. Mind yourselves and hope to see you all soon. Here is your work for this week, beginning Mon, April 20th.
Mr. H.
EXERCISE- Start each morning with 15 minutes exercise, hopefully outside on your trampoline, bicycle, etc.
READING- Please read a book, of your choice, for at least 30 minutes each day.
MATHS- MYM week 28, Mon to Thur and Friday test if not already completed. Take the next week on your table book and work through it.
ENGLISH- Wordwise 3- 4, All unit 9 to be completed
Spelling- Unit 29 if not already completed
Project Work – please complete a short project on a world famous person, be they alive or dead. Please include where they come from and why they were- are famous  and do include lots of drawings etc.( an A4 page will suffice)
Gaeilge – please tune in to cula4 scoil and put the following words into sentences.
Bhris me – I broke
Cheannaigh me – I bought
Fuair me- I got
Thosnaigh me- I started
Also, scriobh sceal beag ar
La cois Tra. Please write a short story, 4 sentences , about a trip to the beach, here is the first sentence to help you.
La amhain chuaigh me go dti an tra le ———–.
Please write one journal entry on something nice you did at home over the past few weeks e.g  painting or tidying and draw a picture as well.
Finally, we all wish Caelan a very happy 10th  birthday tomorrow.
Have a good week boys and girls and please remember to keep social distancing and keep washing your hands.
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